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  • How can I contact Headstart Learning?
    For general information, you can email us at For scheduling purposes, you can email us at You can also call/text at (310) 894-6077.
  • How can I become a student?
    To register as a student, fill out the following form: You will be required to fill out what subjects you would like tutoring in, and your available dates and times!
  • How much does tutoring cost?
    Tutoring at Headstart Learning is absolutely free!
  • How can I volunteer?
    1) You can become a tutor! Get more informatin on our "Get Involved" tab. Apply using this form: 2) You can become an educator! Get more information on our "Get Involved" tab. Apply using this form:
  • When are the sessions?
    When the signup form is filled out, tutors will be matched with students based on the subject and corresponding dates and times. These sessions will repeat weekly.
  • How long are the sessions?
    Each session is 1 hour long!
  • How many sessions can I have?
    You can have up to two sessions a week!
  • How do I log my volunteer hours?
    Let us know how you log your hours! Different places require different ways of logging. Let us know if you need a single signature, or if you need us to sign off after every session!
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